Punjabi Zaika


Frequently Asked Questions?

We have put all the efforts to put the necessary information for our customers on the website. Following are the frequently asked questions by new and existing customers.

Most Indian meals, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, consist (veg/non-veg) consist of chapati (flatbread), rice, meat, vegetable and lentil dishes, salad, yogurt, and pickles. To make a full meal, these basic elements are usually accompanied by any combination of vegetable dishes, sometimes meat, chicken, fish, or seafood-based dish; and an array of condiments and garnishes, typically chutneys and pickles.

At Punjabi Zaika, we use chicken, eggs, and fish in non-veg meals; and cooking is Punjabi/North Indian style.

I cook in the morning; therefore, I must get orders at least 24 hours in advance.

Because subscription ensures future orders, we provide decent discounts to our customers.

Veg Meal: 6,50 € per meal after discount (approx. 30 meals with offer)

Non-Veg Meal: 8,50 € per meal after discount (approx. 23 meals with offer)

Free delivery within 4km of our premises.

The subscription is valid for 90 days. The amount paid is added as credit to your account and used as you order your daily meals. If the amount finishes within 90 days and you can add more credit to continue the subscription. After 90 days, the standard prices would apply to the credit left.

We have a fixed delivery time which is between 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM, Mon to Fri.

No, the menu is decided by us; however, you can choose which days you want to order the meal. We ensure a new meal every day from our rich menu, and we ensure that you do not feel the repetition of dishes. The weekly menu is published in advance on our website.

Once you subscribe to the daily meal, we provide you a user-specific link to check your details related to past orders and the remaining limit.

It is easy. You can drop a message on WhatsApp or call us directly during business hours for cancellation. Order cancellation is not possible on the day of the order.