Introducing Punjabi Zaika: Home-Cooked Food From My Kitchen To Your Table

Feel like not cooking today but want home-cooked food, missing the taste of Indian food or you want to try something new, Punjabi Zaika is just what you need: Fresh, healthy, home-cooked delicious food which is easy to reheat and enjoy. Silfi Arora brings to you authentic Indian, Punjabi food.

There are many other reasons when people can feel pressure such as, a family member being sick, pregnancy, guests, or just workload. Punjabi Zaika is a much-needed service in such a situation especially, for foodies, those have more work in their plate then food, or if you simply can’t go out because of kid (Yes, we understand that too).

How does it work?

You can order anything from the menu but since it is freshly home-cooked food, we require order at-least one day in advance. We also take bulk order (max. 50 Person) however we highly recommend discussion over the phone or email before confirmation. The best would be to join the Punjabi Zaika family on WhatsApp so that you get the latest update and meet people of the same food taste. We strictly use it only for notification purposes and avoid unnecessary discussions.

Reach us directly at +31 685162643 or ‘’.

To join the Punjabi Zaika WhatsApp Group, please scan the QR code below.

We also sometimes have special weekday or weekend dishes with the best of what we cook. It will contain:

  • One or two Starter
  • One main course curry item (veg or non-veg)
  • Salad and/or Achar and/or Raita

A few example of such special weekday/weekend:

We keep prices very reasonable without compromising on taste and quality of the food. We also understand that effort required to cook between 2-8 servings may not differ by much so If you increase the number of servings, we reduce the price and add discounts by ourselves based on the dish being ordered.

If you are staying/working within 3-4 km of our premises, we will be happy to offer regular delivery of the meal. You can enjoy a new meal every day and our rich food menu allows us to ensure that you don’t feel the repetition of food. For regular orders, you can opt for an advance payment option as well. The advance payment ensures the future supply and in turn, you get a decent discount based on the order.

Our website does warn that photos may not resemble the food completely, but they are accurate representations of what will be delivered.

We strongly recommend to not to use our service if you have any severe food allergies. Although, we take great care however the traces of common allergens may be present. We provide a full ingredient list on our menu but If you have any doubts, please feel free to reach us.

We currently provide limited delivery within 10km of our location however you can always pick-up the order at a scheduled time.

For questions feel free to reach us at ‘’.


You can pay by Tikki request, Direct debit, or cash on pickup or delivery. You can also pay in advance for regular orders and we schedule it for you as per the convenience so that you get or pick up your meal on a specific day and time. Any advance payments will be added as credit for the customer in our invoicing system and applied to future orders.

Why not to choose restaurant over Punjabi Zaika?

First, think of us as your family because we understand the highly engaged, work-oriented life and family pressure does not allow you much time to many of you to have freshly cooked home off. Eating with kids at home is much easier than going out and not to forget the expensiveness of the restaurant. With Punjabi Zaika, you enjoy the freshly cooked food at your home comfort. Moreover, if you want to enjoy Indian spices, you wouldn’t find much in this region and this makes Punjabi Zaika a much-needed service for people.


I source most ingredients locally, from small vendors and buy organic whenever possible. Almost 100% (Sorry, can’t account for everything but it is close to 100) of my cooking is without preservatives.

Fresh Veggies

Most of my dishes are vegetarian. Since we take orders a day in advance, it allows us the flexibility to choose fresh vegetables from the market, cook, and offer on the same day.

You should taste the freshness of our Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese)